Saturday, December 26, 2015

ODISSI-Bruhannala Episode from Mahabharat

The Bruhannala episode from mahabharat is ideally suited for a dance drama.
In the epic Arjun goes to Indra for obtaining a divine weapon;Tha damsels of Alakapuri welcome Arjun through dance; finding Arjun fascinated by the dance,Indra directs Urbasi to teach dance to Arjun;while teaching him she falls in love but is rejected by Arjun.In a fit of anger Urbasi curses
him to turn into an eunuch;this curse turns into blessing when the pandavas had to spend one year incognito in the court of Birat;Arjun as Bruhannala teaches dance to princess Uttara.Kichaka casts
 an evil eye on Draupadi serving in the court as Sairindri;Bhima kills kichaka by subterfuge.
This episode was presented through an elegently composed  choreography.
Urvasi teaching dance to Arjun

Arjun as Bruhanala

Arjun with Draupadi

Kichaka vadha by Bhima

Bhima kills Kichaka

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